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About me...

Hi! I’m Kenia Lopez and I’m a graphic designer & photographer

 Kenia Lopez

Growing up in El Salvador, I was surrounded by art and photography. I remember I used to run around our house taking pictures of myself in all sort of places. A big inspiration for me as a kid was my grandfather. He was a journalist and photographer. He would take me on his lap and point out all of the different places in which he had worked as a journalist or photographer. This always filled an inspirational role for me.


Now, I am a Graphic Designer and Professional Couples and Weddings Photographer based in Utah.

After moving to Utah 9 years ago, I quickly fell in love with this beautiful state. I’ve spent plenty of time exploring the many scenic places this state has to offer, from magnificent mountains byway or bustling cities with vibrant downtown areas, all these stunning sceneries are just like a dream come true! Living in Utah is amazing but there’s nothing like a delicious Pupusa from El Salvador, that’s why I always go back once or twice a year.


I also came here to pursue a degree in Graphic Design at Utah Valley University. I’m specializing in Branding and Web Design. That being said, I also offer these services to businesses who are ready to grow and have success.  

 Kenia Lopez
 Kenia Lopez

I’ve always loved taking photos, but it wasn’t until about two years ago that I realized my love for professional photography. I got my first semi-professional camera 6 years ago, but then I decided to invest more, so a couple years ago I got myself a professional camera and lenses (and other gear), and I started pursuing this dream!

As a photographer, my ultimate goal during a photoshoot is to tell a story, a love story, and not forced poses. My goal during photoshoots is to put you at ease and capture the natural expressions of emotion. Capturing feelings through tears or laughter are what will make you enjoy every minute of your shoot!


Lastly, about me the one behind the camera. I consider myself a humble person, introvert sometimes, and passionate about what I do, a lover of life, the ocean, music, and traveling, not leaving behind capturing through my own eyes all these moments are something worth living for which has become an essential part of what I love and who I am.

Kenia Lopez

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